A Casement window typically has sash that swing. Traditionally these were operated using a cranking mechanism located at the bottom of the window on the inside. We have encompassed all types of swinging windows under the casement product label. There are multiple mechanisms used in achieving the swinging configuration on a Casement window.

  •  Crank out with casement locks (swing out only)
  •  Butt hinged with fasteners (Swing in and out)
  •  Friction hinged with fasteners (Swing in and out)

Casement windows come prefit in frames with hardware installed. All sash are
machined for hinges and necessary mechanisms, installed in the frames and tested. Weatherstripping is included where necessary. The frames come with a sloped sill. Exterior moulding is applied if requested. A screen with aluminum surround is also supplied on a typical crank out casement. A wood screen is an option

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