Custom and Arched Window

Arch Top and Custom-Shaped Windows in San Diego and Los Angeles, CA

Add architectural interest and allure to your home with beautiful arch top and custom shaped wood windows. No matter the style or age of your house, you can likely find an arch top or other custom shaped design that will suit it.

Arched windows add a grand feature to any home. Placed up high, they bring the visitor’s eye upward where they can marvel at the design, the style and perhaps even the light the window brings in. Use them above other windows in your home for a delightfully surprising architectural detail.

Bring us your ideas and picture inspirations. We will be delighted to work with you to design a window that adds light, mystery, character or even a modern zest that you – and your visitors — never saw coming. Because you choose your wood and finishes, you are guaranteed a personal touch that you can’t get from stock choices.

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