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The most common style of window, double hung wood windows are the type of windows many of us think of when we imagine home windows. These open from the top and bottom sash, and allow for easy and trouble-free ventilation. Because these windows open and close without any protrusion, they are ideal picks for placement in rooms that face patios, porches or walkways. These windows are easy to clean because each sash can be operated independently, making it easy to access the glass for cleaning.

We will work with you to help you choose the custom wood windows that are best for your particular décor. We can work with your existing décor or help you choose windows for new construction. Working with wood, you can design windows that meet your design requirements and delighted you with their customized and special look.

At first glance, single hung windows look just like double hung windows but single hung windows can be opened from just one sash and are more common in older homes with Historical value.

As with all of our custom wood windows, customers can choose which type and color of wood they prefer and give us direction on the style of window they prefer with the end result a truly custom design.